10/4-16 – Wire-Less & Wing-Full

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EARUNIT præsenterer

Irina-Kalina Goudeva

Wire-Less & Wing-Full

Søndag d. 10. april 2016 kl. 16:00 i LiteraturHaus, Møllegade 7, 2200 København N

Wire-Less & Wing-Full is a performance, aimed at the creation of new synthesis between theatre and audio medias, integrating contemporary music for double bass and voice, using visual effects, theatrical aspects and choreography. Video created by Casper Øbro.

The dramaturgy of the show is built on the invented story of the multiple reincarnations of a soul as a woman and her path and evolution. She arrives on Earth as the Mythic snake, who transforms herself into the Goddes Menada.

After playing dangerously and arrogantly with love and life Menada chooses to renounce her extraterrestrial power and connections with the “Other Side”.

She follows instead the path of an “ordinary” woman in her wish to experience and learn from the spectra and existential forms of terrestrial life – in depth, in love and sometimes tormenting duality.


The Egyptian book of dead                           I am Yesterday and Today

Bo Jæger                                                                 To Walk, text Morten Søndergaard

Julia Tsenova                                                       Menada

Monologue 1                                                                      text by Irina-Kalina Goudeva

Line Tjørnhøj                                                       My Beloved, text collage from the Song of Salomon by I-K Goudeva

Ivar Frounberg                                                    Pas Satisfaite de Son Homme

Emil Tabakov                                                       Motivi

Morten Olsen                                                       Mental Proposal

Lars Graugaard                                                   Projection

Ejnar Kanding                                                     Recomenzar el infinito (first movement of Papilio Machaon)

video by Kanding based on a painting by Nes Lerpa

Bo Jæger                                                                 The Moon Above, text Morten Søndergaard

The other side of the Landscape, text Morten Søndergaard

Wayne Siegel                                                       Weight-Less & Wing-Full


Billetpris 50 kr (kan købes i døren)


Irina-Kalina Goudeva                                      double bass, voice, acting

Ejnar Kanding                                                     live electronics, MaxMSP

Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen                               video

EarUnit is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation & Danish Composers’ Society’s Production Pool and Koda’s Cultural Funds

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